Why Choose TEAM Adventure?

1. Experience - We've been leading adventure workshops for over 15 years. Our facilitators each have hundreds of hours of experience in the field.

2. Safety - We have an unblemished safety record. We are dedicated to keeping our clients safe physically and emotionally during our time together.

3. Expertise - We have facilitators with advanced degrees in education, and many hours of adventure leadership training. 

Three of our staff are ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) Level 2 Certified Ropes Practitioners.

4. Leadership in the field - We have staff members with years of experience training other adventure practitioners on the local scene and internationally.

5. Quality - We plan our workshops to meet the specific needs and goals of the group we serve to provide a high degree of return on investment.

6. Value - Our facilitators are trained to draw out the essential learnings in the experience so that individuals and teams grow and improve.

7. Dedication - We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to insure a positive experience that helps to make positive changes in lives and organizations.

8. Standards - As members of AEE (Association for Experiential Education) & the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) we strive to meet or exceed the standards of the industry.